Welcome to Canticum Novum Publishing. Here, we strive to give you affordable, appropriate, and accessible choral and church music and resources, from new composers, which accurately reflect the needs of worship and music in our communities.

About Canticum Novum

In a musical landscape of large publishing companies and distribution sites offering a sea of dizzying options from the biggest names in music publishing, Canticum Novum strives to offer a limited, quality selection of compositions, written by a small group of passionate and talented new composers. All of our contributors are practicing musicians  and conductors in churches, communities, and schools and know intimately the challenge, quality, size, time, and financial constraints of church and community ensembles in today's modern world. We hope that our more intimate approach to music publishing and distribution will give you something accessible, affordable, appropriate, and special. Consider this our offering to the greater musical community.

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How it Works

How You Receive Your Order

Our online store contains descriptions, MIDI files/recordings, and a page or two of each piece of music. If you find something you like, add it to your cart! As soon as an online payment (e.g. credit card or PayPal payment) is received, a confirmation email is sent to you with a download link. The link also appears on the Thank You page. In order to save you the most money possible, most of our scores are available in bundles for drastically reduced prices.

A Relationship Built on Trust

We strive to provide bundles of appropriately themed music for a reduced price so that your budget can go farther. We only ask that you honor our copyright statement. You are free to copy and distribute the scores you download as many times as you want, for life, but only within the institution you purchased them for. If you have multiple organizations, or change positions, please re-purchase the scores and copyrights for your new groups. We are trying to offer fair prices, and would appreciate you being honest with us.

We are Real People

All of the composers here at Canticum Novum are normal people with a passion for music, just like you. If you would like to contact us about questions, concerns, suggestions, or requests, please don't hesitate. Typo in your score? Lost the PDF? Want to discuss interpretation or invite us for a performance or workshop? Just let us know. We'd also love to hear about any performances of our works. We'd especially love to replace our MIDI recordings with actual recordings of our music. Thank you!

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Copyright Policies

Copyright of all pieces published through Canticum Novum belong exclusively to that of the composer. Each composer agrees to a contract which allows Canticum Novum to take a percentage of sales for marketing and distributing his or her music. 
Customers of Canticum Novum have the permission of both the company, and the composer, to copy and distribute scores, as needed, for their institution. The customer is allowed to record the music for non-profit use only. Any commercial use of the music is at the discretion of the composer, which can be contacted through Canticum Novum.
Any questions concerning usage of the scores provided by Canticum Novum can be sent to

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