Our Composers

Andrew Cumbow

Conductor, Church Musician, Music Educator, Composer

Andrew Cumbow currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. He has over ten years of experience as a conductor in schools, churches and collegiate settings. After earning his MM in Choral Conducting, he re-discovered a passion for composition. Specializing in music for choirs of small or moderate size, Andy brings his experience with the human voice and the choral learning process into his works.

Dustin Shelton

Church Musician, Organist/Pianist, Choirmaster, Composer

Dustin Shelton is a resident of Salisbury, NC. Choral music has been his passion since an early age. Since earning his Master Degree in Church Music, he has been working as a church choir director and organist. Due to his strong choral and organ background, Dustin enjoys composing in a variety of styles and mediums.

New Composers

We are interested in taking on new composers for Canticum Novum. We accept composers on the following:

1) You are not already an established composer. We are looking to give opportunity to those who've been looked over by the broader publishing world.
2) Be a practicing musician in your local community. We write music that our actual choirs can sing, and that fill gaps in what is lacking in current church music catalogs.
3) Commit to writing music that is accessible for actual choirs and church music programs in today's world. This isn't the publishing company for an eight-part a capella polyphonic anthem or organ prelude that requires a small chamber orchestra. We have a mission to service churches in a meaningful and accessible way, with music that most choirs can sing.
4) Be interested in publishing with us multiple times, based on themes of the Liturgical calendar. What have you noticed is lacking in today's church music?
5) Be willing to let the company take a percentage of sales to "keep the doors open." We have a growing network to offer you and your work, but we also have to keep the lights on!


Composers can begin the conversation by emailing us at anewsong@cantinovmusic.com.

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