Though there are a myriad of settings for Amazing Grace, this arrangement includes some unique features. Each stanza is meant to reflect a different mood. The first stanza is solemn and quiet. The accompaniment is meant to evoke the sound of bagpipes. The sopranos and altos begin in unison before splitting into harmony. The tenors and basses fill out the harmony as they join at the end of the verse. The tonality for the second verse shifts to the relative minor to reflect our “dangers, toils, and snares.” The third stanza is punctuated by fanfare-like triplet rhythms in the accompaniment to symbolize our joy in heaven. The choir begins the final stanza in unison before splitting into parts. The piece end triumphantly as we ponder the glorious days we will spend in heaven with our Savior.


This arrangement is available for SATB and SAB settings. Though written for piano, the accompaniment is easily adaptable to organ. It can be used as a general anthem, or an anthem for the seasons of Lent or Easter. My hope is that this arrangement allows your choir and congregation to appreciate this familiar hymn in a new way.


Thank you, and blessings on your music-making,


Dustin Shelton, Composer


Amazing Grace (SAB)


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