The Life Worth Living is a reverent anthem meant to be sung for an All
Saints Day service or funeral. It is dedicated to Kit Whitaker, a dear friend of mine, who served as a church secretary for many years. The original text is broken into two stanzas, both focusing on the qualities that make someone’s life worth living. The first stanza reflects on how we live Christian lives on earth as we love our neighbors, share our wealth, and obey God’s call. The second stanza gives a glimpse of eternal life in heaven as we rise to be with God forever. It is a peaceful reminder of the bliss and comfort that await us after we’ve run our faithful race in Christ.

The piece is available in SATB and piano with optional descant or Two-part
with piano. A hymn version of the anthem is available as the back page of both versions. Both versions of the anthem, with the hymn version, are also available with the All-Saints Bundle, along with all the versions of the Requiem for all Souls, both the anthem and hymn version of I am the Way, and the chant Come Unto Me.

I hope this anthem can bring peace and love to your congregation in times
of loss and pain, as well as serve to strengthen you for the life that we are all called to live. Blessings on your music making.

The Life Worth Living:Two-Part


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