God So Loved the World is an arrangement of John 3:16-17, which is one of the most quoted and beloved passages of scripture. Inspired by the classic arrangement by Sir John Stainer, I wanted to compose a piece of music that captures the deep, pure beauty of the human instrument with an arrangement that is simple but emotionally driven.


The ranges and voice-leading of each vocal line is simple and easy to express. All of the drama of the music will come from tone, balance, expression, and phrasing. The range of the tempo and dynamics are fluid, and should allow the choir the opportunity to express each phrase with intimacy and a deep connection to the words. Every single phrase should have motion, leading to the next, and each crescendo and diminuendo should not only involve volume, but energy and intensity. This is a piece of music that is technically easy, but allows for depth of interpretation and ensembleship.


This piece can be performed a capella, or with organ accompaniment. The organ can play measure 1-8 as an introduction, before the choir sings. The same measures can be used as a repeating refrain or response for creative use in worship. It can best be used for All-Saints Day, Ash Wednesday, Maundy-Thursday, Good Friday, or as a general anthem.


I hope that this arrangement may breathe new life in this well-known and cherished words from scripture.


Thank you, and blessings on your music-making,


Andrew Cumbow, Composer

God So Loved the World


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