I am the Way started as a hymn tune. I was thinking of my favorite chapter of scripture, John 14. The words “Let not your hearts be troubled” played in my head over and over. Suddenly the refrain popped into my head. I've always enjoyed playing with hymns. Maybe the women should sing a verse alone, followed by the men? Maybe a soloist or a flute to start us off? Then I decided to put that thought process out on paper.


I am the Way can serve as a general anthem, but works particularly well for communion, where it's length can be utilized. It also works very well for Holy Week and All-Saints. The piece combines very well with Requiem for All Souls, and I recommend using it as a communion piece between the two movements. The hymn version of the piece will also be available. I give your congregation permission to copy and distribute the hymn page for congregational use, if desired.


Blessings on your music making.

I am the Way


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