This setting of the beloved hymn Joy to the World is meant to be a big finale for Christmas services. The piano accompaniment includes driving rhythms throughout a majority of the piece while also echoing fragments from the melody. The choral parts are relatively straight forward and predictable while still being fun to sing. While this hymn normally appears in D Major, the composer has set it in B Flat Major in order to allow for new possibilities with extending the melody higher than it normally would go without becoming arduous.


The end of the piece includes a coda section where the choir exuberantly sings “Joy!” repeatedly. This reflects our unrestrained outbursts of joy as we marvel at the birth of our Savior.


May this modern interpretation of a classic hymn give your choir and congregation a revitalized sense of joy for the Christmas season.


Thank you, and blessings on your music-making,


Dustin Shelton, Composer


Joy to the World


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