The Requiem for All Souls is a fifteen minute small choral major work scored for SATB choir, soloists, flute, cello, handbells, and organ. It was specifically designed to give church choirs the choral major work experience for events such as All-Saints Day, while still being accessible with about six rehearsals. The movements of the requiem mass have been condensed and combined into two larger movements. Movement one contains the Introit, Kyrie, Sanctus, and Benedictus. Movement two contains the Agnus Dei, Pie Jesu, Lux Aeterna, and In Paradisum.


This is the full score of the Requiem for All Souls. It includes the SATB version in Latin and English, as well as the SAB version in Latin and English. It also contains a conductor/organist score, as well as parts for the flute, cello, and handbells. Lastly, it contains two pages of choral refrains, giving your choir an easy place to start learning the meat of the music before giving them the choral score.


An All-Saints bundle is also offered, which contains all of the contents of this package, plus the scores for our other All-Stains anthems "The Life Worth Living" and "I am the Way" in all versions, including SATB, SAB, Two-part, and hymn versions. It also contains the exclusing chant "Come Unto Me". Finally, the All-Saints bundle contains helpful suggestions for combining all four pieces into a service for All-Saints Day, All-Soul's Day, or a funeral service. This bundle is available for $120.


I hope that the Requiem for All Souls can bring peace and comfort to those who have felt loss, just as I hope that it can bring a satisfying choral major work experience to your choir in an accessible amount of time. Blessings on your music-making.

Requiem for All Souls: Full Score


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